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Tricolore Championship Heads to Oulton Park

Tricolore Championship Heads to Oulton Park. It’s been non-stop action so far, and as the Track Attack Tricolore Championship heads to Cheshire, another episode of thrilling racing is just around the corner.
Taking place this weekend, after the bank holiday round at Castle Coombe, is rounds 4 and 5 of the schedule at Oulton Park.
After the non-finish at Castle Combe last time out Tom Motorsport has been busy repairing the damage and changing parts on the Peugeot – a complete corner, along with bodywork has been changed. I’m eager to actually find out if some of the changes we made in readiness for the last round actually improve the car and Oulton Park is another new track to learn – it’s another steep learning curve!


Tricolore Championship Heads to Oulton ParkOulton Park is always one of the ‘driver favourites’ on the racing calendar and it’s been a track that I’ve wanted to try for a number of years. Nestled in the stunning Cheshire countryside with a glorious campsite overlooking the track, it proves a popular choice for both friends and families.
Built into the natural contours of the Cheshire countryside, Oulton Park’s combination of stunning scenery and spectacular racing make it one of the most picturesque and best-loved circuits for spectators and competitors alike. Over more than 60 years it has gathered a reputation as the country’s toughest test for both car and driver.
I’m certain that the mentality we all share in the team has been key to our success so far. Each and every member strive for excellence, ensuring that even when things are going good, we aim to improve – both from the car and also from the driving point of view.
This winning formula has kept us competitive regardless of any unfavourable circumstances in the past.
With Oulton Park being another new circuit I’ve been squatting up and watching lots of YouTube clips to try and learn the circuit as much as I can in preparation.
Preparing for this type of technical circuit is extremely motivating.There is no better feeling than the thrill of racing the Peugeot when it is set up well – and that is something that we have now got. I’m hopeful we can find that sweet spot this weekend and punch out a qualifying session that declares our intent for Saturday’s two races.
It won’t be easy – it never is, and there will be some very stiff competition, but if we keep our focus and can stay out of trouble, we should be in good shape for some strong finishes.
Thanks to Spoox Motorsport for all their advice and support and a massive thanks to Tom Motorsport who works so hard to prepare the car.
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